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Jcobay Small Travel Alarm Clock, Alarm Clocks Bedside Non Ticking Battery Operated Lightweight Silent Clock Quiet Analog Clock with Snooze Nightlight for Traveling Backpacking

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❂ IDEAL FOR TRAVEL: This portable and lightweight analogue alarm clock is smaller than a credit card, so it’s great to throw in your backpack, purse, or luggage without worrying about it taking up room or being bulky. Whether you are a on a road trip, out in nature, or even staying in hotel rooms, this small alarm clock is designed for convenience and practicality. ❂ QUIET FOR A PEACEFUL NIGHT OF SLEEP: If you are a light sleeper, repetitive or loud noises probably wake you or keep you up. The analog silent clock uses quartz oscillation to track time, so it is silent and peaceful. You don’t have to worry about incessant ticking or humming or any of the other distracting qualities many analog alarm clocks have. Get a full night of rest with our quiet bedside alarm clock. ❂ SNOOZE AND LIGHT FUNCTION: Snooze and light button locates on easy-to-find top right corner. Enjoy the extra 5 minutes snooze times or to light up the clock face on demand to see the dial momentarily in the darkness. Luminous hands stay visible a while after the lights are turned off at night. ❂ ERGONOMICALLY SIMPLE: Though our tiny travel clock is ultra small, it’s also easy-to-use. We designed a portable clock that has simple knobs in the back to change time and alarm settings. This is a particularly nice feature for those that have fine motor skill issues, trouble operating small parts, or a likelihood to be fumbling around in the dark. ❂ LOUD BELL ALARM: Good beside wakea up alarm clock is designed with loud alarm for seniors, teens, girls, kids until the alarm is turned off or snooze bar on top is depressed. Built-in real mechanical bells, Super loud for heavy sleepers and hearing Impaired . You will never sleep through our Alarm Clock! Runs on 1 "AA" Battery (not included ). Unlimited One Year Warranty!

If your space is at a premium, and you’re looking for an extremely small analog alarm clock that did not have to be plugged in, truly silent, no glaring light in your face, sturdy enough, with an easy-to read face, a snooze button, easy operation, & dependable. So far this delicate and exquisite clock is all of that.

Small Travel Alarm Clock

Small, light weight, square features which most requested by customers fits easily into a suitcase during your journey.

5-Minute Snooze

That button is nicely placed on the upper right-hand front corner, and when the clock rings, press the button , the ring will go on again after 5 minutes.

Easy to Setup and Use

Easy to set up, and a knob has only one function.

Completely Silent

This clock was engineered with a silent, continuous-sweep second hand quartz movement. It does not emit a ticking sound.


One light bulb built in the clock, simply press the front button to activate for night viewing.

Big Neat Dial

The face is big, wide, clean and tidy looking. Place this clock in a bright light, the fluorescent hour and minute hands can lit for hours. It is easy to be distinguished.

If you want a simple and effective small travel alarm clock, the Jcobay little battery alarm clock cannot be beaten.

Super Loud Alarm Clock with a very clear dial and snooze is excellent for travel and waking heavy sleepers. The clock is completely silent as specified no ticking or clicking noise.

What's in the box?

--1 Piece of Jcobay Quartz Travel Alarm Clock.

--One User Manual.

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